Cristina’s A Brighter Way art events lighten life for patients, families and caregivers

Cristina and her happy, colorful paintings have spread hope and joy to many communities across the nation and the world. She dedicates her life to helping others who suffer from chronic pain and illness by sharing the story of her own challenges, enriching lives with the beautiful artwork she donates, and inspiring patients and families at her interactive art events.

Brigham & Women’s Hospital

 A highlight for Cristina is the meet-and-greet with patients, their caregivers and hospital staff as they browse her artwork and donate to the A Brighter Way, Inc. Mission. Cristina has given approximately 50 prints to the BWH Pain Clinic, which are on display throughout the clinic. Note: This event requires two full weekends to transport, set up and take down, along with the assistance of several volunteers. Thank you to all who continue to help A Brighter Way, Inc.!

Italian Home for Children

Cristina visits to share her A Brighter Way with children and staff by telling her story and bringing love, smiles, treats, ABW, Inc. gifts and more…even music and song!

Northeastern University

A Brighter Way, Inc. “Paint Night” Workshops: Cristina shares her story while students paint and write verses on cards that she designed. From this experience, the students are inspired to volunteer with Cristina (bringing their creations) to spread joy and comfort to those with difficult challenges (e.g., AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, retirement homes, medical facilities, etc.).

AstraZeneca Hope Lodge

Cancer patients (guests) from around the world are able to stay free with their caregiver during their treatment. Cristina regularly visits Hope Lodge to share a calm, relaxing evening filled with smiles, hope, comfort and love…bringing her beautiful smile and bearing lots of ABW, Inc. gifts—cards, canvas bags, prints and t-shirts. She also organizes and leads ABW, Inc. “Paint Night,” where, at the Lodge, it becomes a very special activity for the guests and their caregivers. Most patients are far away from home, so when they paint and write verses on cards (with images designed by Cristina), they will send their cards to family and friends…or have them as keepsakes for themselves. Special Note: Because of Cristina’s commitment to Hope Lodge, ABW, Inc. received a grant from AstraZeneca that helped to carry the mission forward. The ABW, Inc. Video Documentary on the home page was filmed at the Hope Lodge. At the 10th Anniversary celebration of Hope Lodge, Cristina donated 120 packets of colorful cards as gifts to all of the guests, who help A Brighter Way, Inc. continue its mission!


A Brighter Way, Inc. was invited to participate in a project for people with Cerebral Palsy who are non-ambulatory and non-verbal…to create paintings using laser beams and air brushes.

University of New Mexico

Dr. Vernat Exil, a respected pediatric cardiologist, invited Cristina to speak to a large group of doctors at the University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine Health Science Center. Cristina spoke to doctors about the importance of being mindful and gentle when giving patients a difficult diagnosis to provide optimism that there is hope for the future. She also installed a temporary exhibit of her artwork at the Health Science Center. Dr. Exil and his family even threw Cristina a surprise birthday party with the participating physicians!

Cristina’s artwork has crossed the ocean to many countries, such as Rwanda, Qatar and London!